The Green Bee Story: A Life Binding Promise of Sustainable Practices

Green-Bee-Laura-WigginsGreen Bee was conceptualized in 2006 in the city of San Francisco with the objective that seeks to provide clean, efficient, reliable and affordable inner city transportation. 

The company fully intends to offer the world with products that can assist everyone to continue their way
of life without any compromise in vehicle performance, while assuring future generations a clean and green planet. 

For years, leading engineers and designers worked to create a 100% electric vehicle with state of the art performance and style. People looking for style, performance and zero emission vehicles understood the concept of a 100% electric vehicle. By year 2007, Green Bee had customers all across United States, Asia and Europe taking deliveries of Green Bee electric motorcycles moving forward to four wheeled electric vehicles.

Fully-Electric Motorcycles 

Green Bee offers 100% emission-free, fully-electric, and highly sustainable  forms of transportation. With no gas or oil to worry about, you just plug it in and go. The powerful 2012 Green Bee Metro, Green Bee Metro 2, Green Bee Metro C and Green Bee E-Trike series for Cargo (S-type, M-type, L-type) and Passengers (O-type and C-type) models have no engine and do not require costly maintenance.

Last July 10, 2012 at Studio City, California Laura Wiggins (above) agreed to pose for Green Bee Metro 2. When asked what made Wiggins decide to accept the project for Green Bee electric vehicles, she replied, “It is for a great cause.” It can be noted that Laura Wiggins drives a Prius, which is a hybrid vehicle considered good for the environment and she is also a big fan of organic products.